Sorbead India offers Aluminum and Laminated Tubes for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Food Packaging from 50 yr old Company, Montebello Packaging, Canada. These tubes are DMF registered. Montebello specializes in manufacturing of Aluminum and Laminated tubes in various sizes using advanced technology and high quality Raw materials rendering them in compliance to USFDA/ EU standards.

These Customized Tubes are used for packaging of all semi-solid preparations like: Creams, Lotions, Gels, Cosmetics, etc.

SORBEAD INDIA is ISO certified company. We take pleasure to serve your requirements of Customized orders as this will be a TAILOR MADE product and can be made as per your requirements.

We are looking forward to making efficacious relationship with our customers par India and around the globe too!

Pharmaceutical Packaging Tubes Type:

These Aluminum tubes are produced with 97% pure aluminum slugs. These tubes are available in all different sizes. They permit controlled amounts to be dispensed easily and have NO SUCK BACK property.

These Laminated tubes are made by advanced technology to combine the physical integrity of Aluminum with the appealing look and feel of plastic resulting in a Tough, Long lasting tube that resists surface flows.

We offer Caps and Closures in all ranges of Types and Sizes as per the application and depending upon the tube dimensions.