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Collapsible Tubes

Suppliers of Collapsible Tubes

March 21, 2015

We at Sorbead India strive hard to meet the ever increasing demand of the market never compromising on the quality standards yet make it more attractive and eye pleasing. We are the stock point of Montebello Packaging in whole Asia and offers US FDA approved Collapsible Tubes.

Now a day’s collapsible tube have gained huge demand in Cosmetic as well as Pharmaceutical Industry. The tubes are DMF registered.

Our product Aluminum and Laminate tubes are consumed by many well know Pharma companies and till date have never come across any issues. The tubes are made from High quality raw materials.

Sorbead India is the name that you can rely upon as far as acquiring high end FDA approved products. The high quality collapsible tubes offered by the company are always in demand and several suppliers consistently purchase them to make their work simpler.

Various companies opt for customized tubes that are specifically created as per their needs. Such tubes are highly durable in nature as they can easily withstand a lot of pressure and also keep the drug safe even when the weather conditions are unfavorable.

Dia Available:-

½” – 12.7 mm
¾” – 19mm
7/8” – 22mm
1” – 25mm
1 7/64” – 28mm
1 3/16” – 30mm
1 11/32” – 34mm
1 ½” – 38mm
2” – 49.5 mm

The length available is from minimum 51 mm to max 178mm .

Neck available are also – Nasal, Extended Nozzle Tip.

Uses of Collapsible Tubes:

• Pharmaceutical Industries
• Toiletry
• Cosmetics
• Food Product Packaging


• 100% Product Protection.
• User Friendly
• Hygienic
• Elegant & Attractive
• Leak Proof
• Wide Range of Closures
• Neck and Tip Dispensing options

Technologically Advanced Caps and Closures – Product that Consumers Will Love

December 1, 2014

A convenient and innovative closure turns your ideas into contemporary, consumer-friendly and colorful products by providing the industry’s most evolving dispensing product lines. A plastic cap and closure is much more than providing easy access to your products inside the bottle. It brings a perception of quality to your product by revamping the design and packaging of your existing or new product. Custom closures generate an instant impact and brand recognition with consumers.

Different Types of Caps and Closures

An impressive range of Caps and Closures gives a variety of closure options for your bottles, collapsible tubes and jars. The caps are broadly categorized into the following types:


  • Plastic Caps: The plastic threaded caps come in various sizes and colors depending on its application for the correct closure. Some of them are plastic ribbed caps, plastic brush caps, dome caps, smooth caps, etc.
  • Plastic Dispensing Caps: They are usually the non-threaded caps, which come in various variants like spout caps, disc top caps, twist top caps, glass droppers, etc.
  • Metal Caps: Metal caps generally come in silver, black, gold and white color and can be used for a variety of purposes in different bottles and jars.
  • Pumps, Misters, Sprayers and Atomizers: These caps come very handy and useful for products like fragrances, lotions, colognes, cream etc.
  • Glass Caps: Glass caps are mostly flat pressed closures with flexible plastic fitments that can help in securing various glass jars.
  • Orifice Sifters, Reducers and Disc Liners: These liners are an add-on to the existing cap of a bottle which needs controlling of liquid or powder product from outpouring and thus, protects various cosmetic products.

 Collapsible Tubes

With excellent barrier properties against light and air, aluminum Collapsible Tubes are one of the best containers for sensitive products especially pharmaceutical products. Appropriate packaging plays an important role in bringing down diseases with a significantly transparent contribution to your hygiene and health. These tubes are commonly used for packing cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, toothpastes, paints, tubes with proven cynoacrylate compatibility, etc. The various advantages of aluminum tubes are as follows:


  • Elegant
  • Tamper proof
  • Economical
  • Lightweight
  • Absolute Collapsibility

The aluminium used for the manufacturing of these tubes is even tested through Government approved laboratories. As a result, collapsible tubes are ISI standardized with scope of any modification as per the customer needs.

Since the market is now flooded with various expertise in packaging products, the caps and closure are the perfect solution for adding value to your product and establishing brand loyalty in the long run.