1. Why is Aluminum Tubes Preferred?

Aluminum Tubes Provide an Air tight barrier for the semisolid Products and completely eliminates air transfer and “suck back”. It is Light in weight & Recyclable material so protects environment as well.

2. Why use an internal coating for Aluminum tubes?

Internal coatings esp. EPOXY PHENOLIC lining is used to ensure Product compatibility and maximize shelf life. It helps in Retaining all Fragrances and active ingredients and keeps them safe from damaging effects of moisture and vapor transmission. Acts as an IDEAL lining for a wide range of Products, depending upon pH levels and Product characteristics.

3. What are the different options available for dispensing?

Different Unique, Tamper Evident Necks, CR options and dispensing tips are available. Neck Orifice may be Closed, Open or can be Custom made as per the requirements/ Specifications. Break off tips are available for one time use Products. Ophthalmic and Nasal Tips are also available for special applications.

4. Can Graphics be used for Aluminum Tubes?

Yes, Definitely. We can Provide High speed offset Lithography in up to 6 colors for vivid and distinctive Packaging on a sleek metallic finish of clear Enamel- unique to customized tubes.