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Uses and Applications of Caps and Closures

September 29, 2015

Caps and Closures are an important segment of packaging industry. They are known for their aid in protecting and extending the Shelf-life of end products. They can be used in many ways to enhance the durability of various components and products. The major raw materials used in manufacturing of caps and closures are Plastic and metal.

 producer of caps and closures

A Cap or Closure is an essential element in the overall package functionality and aesthetics. Today Caps and Closures play a much vital role in Packaging than just mere looks. Closures take on many forms. Although the look of a closure varies from product to product, its purpose does not.


Today consumers expect that the caps and closures must not only be easy to use, provide proper protection but at the same time must look elegant. It draws a consumer in by adhering to brand image and appealing to a customer’s sense of style.


Caps and Closures can be used in a variety of application like in a Beverage Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Cosmetic industry, household, construction etc. as they are available in many designs and sizes and are capable of providing an air tight seal.


We takes immense pleasure in offering caps and closures produced by Montebello Packaging who have an experience in closure making from past 30 years. They manufacture a variety of closures for both aluminum and laminate tubes. Closures are available in low and high density polyethylene and polypropylene. They also use resin combinations to get higher quality and productivity.


Laminated Tubes in Packaging

Importance of Laminated Tubes in Packaging

August 28, 2015

Laminated Tubes are used across the globe for packaging in food, cosmetics, personal care, pharma and industrial applications as they offer a competitive edge in the market. Almost 65-70% of total production of laminated tubes are contributed by oral care industry, while equal amount are being used by cosmetic industry.

Laminated tubes offer excellent barrier properties and are a cost effective solution to increase products Shelf-life. The flexible, smooth and soft exteriors deliver excellent sealability. Laminate combines the unique benefit of Aluminum tube properties with feel and look of Plastic.

Laminated tubes are very attractive and maintain the attractiveness throughout the life of their content. The tubes are leak-proof, durable, light weight and unbreakable. The tubes have a suck back tendency and can take back the excess unwanted withdrawn quantity. They can also gain back the original shape after squeezing.

Laminated tubes are also used for packaging of Creams and ointments and other Semi-solid dosages. They act as a good barrier against moisture, light ,air and ensures efficacy throughout the Shelf-life.

Laminated tubes are a combination of Polyethylene (White/Clear) – Co-polymer (White/Clear) – Alu – Co-Polymer – Polyethylene total 275 microns also rightly called as a 20micron tubes.

Laminated Tubes

Tubes being an absolute customized product any dia ranging from ½” to 2” can be manufactured as per your needs. A variety of neck options to choose from and also caps just to meet your requirement.

Protective Barriers:-

•Resistant barrier to attain maximum compatibility.
•High glossy outer layer.
•Fragrance protection with reduced absorption.

collapsible aluminum tube suppliers

Major Uses of Collapsible Tubes in Pharmaceuticals Industry

June 10, 2015

The use of Aluminum tubes keeps the content and atmosphere totally separated. The tubes being appropriate in packaging of extremely perishable contents they are used in packing pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and other technical products.


In pharmaceutical industry, Aluminum tubes are used to pack Creams and Ointments. These tubes match to the stringent Pharmaceutical Standards. If the Aluminum tubes are internally lined with appropriate lacquer, they serve as a stable corrosion – free packaging.


Collapsible Tubes in Pharmaceuticals Industry


We are an authorized supplier of Collapsible Aluminum Tubes for Montebello Packaging in whole of Asia. The tubes are of Pharma Grade i.e US FDA approved, holding a DMF number and are available in many different sizes ranging from min ½” to max. 2”dia. The tubes meet all necessary Standards required as per regulatory norms.


Another important component of the tube is its closure to ensure safety of the drug. As the tubes are available in varied size it can meet the exact requirement for various industries.


Benefits of Aluminum Tubes:-

• Light Weight – Reduces transportation handling cost.
• Customized – Can be manufactured as per Client’s requirement.
• 0% Suck Back – Unwanted dispensed amount cannot be sucked back, so no contamination.
• Recyclable – 100% recyclable.
• Hygienic – Odorless & non-absorbent.
• Dispensing Options – Varied neck options available.
• Leak Proof – Proper closure ensures no leakage.
• Closure Options – Numerous caps.


Collapsible Tubes are Used in Various Industries:-

• Adhesives
• Pharmaceutical Creams
• Ointments
• Food Product Packaging
• Lubricants
• Cosmetics
• Toiletry
• Veterinary Creams

Caps and Closures Suppliers

Plastic Caps and Closures Wholesalers

May 27, 2015

The increasing demand from the downstream industries like food & beverage, personal & home care, pharmaceutical and industrial chemicals has translated into high demand for caps & closures. Sorbead India takes extreme pleasure to cater to the ever increasing demand of the industries with respect to caps & closure. Sorbead India is an authorized distributor for Montebello packaging in whole of Asia, offering US FDA approved supplier of caps and closures complying with 21 CFR, EU and US FDA.

Plastic Caps and Closures wholesalers


Caps & closures is an imperative segment of the packaging industry. It aids in protecting and extending the shelf-life of the end product. Light-weight and functional closures like child-resistant, tamper evident and dispensing caps which offer precise dosing, spurs the market growth.

The caps and closures are available in various forms depending on the product application e.g. Nasal, ophthalmic, Fez, Flip top, Stand Up, Mushroom, Reverse Taper with Puncture Tip (RTPT) etc.

In order to keep medicines secured, you need to opt for proper pharma tube packaging that can help in offering safety against all these factors.


•Light Weight
•Tamper proof
•Child resistant

One of the most significant things about these caps is that, it can be easily recycled. Therefore, wastage can be reduced significantly and at the same time the problems related to pharmaceutical and food packaging industries can be solved easily.


Pharma Packaging Tubes

Aluminum Tubes for Gel Packaging

April 22, 2015

Packaging of the finished products in an industrial sector plays a very crucial role. If the packaging process is not ensured properly, the manufactures will have a very tough time.

Sorbead India is a very renowned name in offering the Aluminum tubes for Pharmaceutical packaging. Sorbead India is an authorized distributor for Montebello Packaging in whole of Asia. Montebello Packaging is over 50 year old company in Canada and the tubes are US FDA approved and holds a DMF number.

The Aluminum tubes are vastly used in pharmaceutical industry for packaging of GELS, ointments, creams and other semi-solids. The tubes are reliable and protective. They offer absolute protection from light, air and water. The tubes can hold volumes of 2ml Upto 250ml.

The tubes are cylindrical and are of custom made design. They are non-toxic and safe. It has superb sealing property and is also unbreakable and light weight. The remarkable feature about these tubes is that it is recyclable making it the best environment friendly packaging material available.

Aluminum Tubes for Gel PackagingThe Pharmaceutical tubes are made from 99.7 % pure Aluminum Slugs. The tubes allow controlled amount to be dispensed without Suck back tendency so the risk of contamination is minimal.

Pharmaceutical Products Used With These Tube Applications are:

• Gels for Eyes and Skin
• Lotions
• Cosmetic Products

Products Used for Toiletries are:

• Shaving Cream
• Cold Cream
• Hair Dyes / Hair Color

The Aluminum Collapsible tubes are also used in many other products like paint inks, color paints etc. The main advantage of using Aluminum tubes for packaging purpose is that the product will be protected in every aspect.

One of the most interesting key factor about these tubes is that it is a 100% Customized product and any dia and length can be manufactured as per your requirement varying from min. 12.7mm dia Upto 2” dia and height from min 51mm to 230mm along with varied Cap options.


Aluminum Tubes for Cosmetic Packaging

March 19, 2015

Collapsible Aluminum Tubes have excellent barrier properties against light and air and are appropriate for sensitive products including Pharmaceutical products. Appropriate packaging plays a vital role in enhancing the product quality and efficacy.

With the use of high-speed dry offset printing methods with up to 5 colour capability to decorate tubes with vivid dense color makes the tube more attractive. The tubes being absolute tailor made product, any dia and length can be manufactured as per the Client’s requirement. Product application plays a vital role in Packaging, as it is the prime factor to determine the type of Packaging.

Our commitment as an Aluminum tube supplier to preserve the environment is fulfilled as our tubes are made from highest purity Aluminum which is the world’s #1 recycled material. The Aluminum tube continues this commitment until the user is finished with their product and the aluminum tubes are recycled.

Salient features of Tubes are as:-

• Internal coating and liners
• Crimp Sealants
• Product delivery options
• Cap resins
• Tamper resistant features

Advantages of Aluminum Tubes:-

1. Light in weight
2. Coating
3. Unlimited Graphics
4. 100 % Customized product
5. No suck back so risk of contamination is less
6. 100 % recyclable


• Toiletry & Cosmetics – Hair Color, Shaving Creams etc.
• Adhesive industry
• Pharmaceutical Industry – Creams and Ointment

Popular Products Packed in Aluminum tubes:-
• Creams
• Hair Color
• Face wash
• Scrubs etc.