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Major Uses of Collapsible Tubes in Pharmaceuticals Industry

June 10, 2015

The use of Aluminum tubes keeps the content and atmosphere totally separated. The tubes being appropriate in packaging of extremely perishable contents they are used in packing pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and other technical products.


In pharmaceutical industry, Aluminum tubes are used to pack Creams and Ointments. These tubes match to the stringent Pharmaceutical Standards. If the Aluminum tubes are internally lined with appropriate lacquer, they serve as a stable corrosion – free packaging.


Collapsible Tubes in Pharmaceuticals Industry


We are an authorized supplier of Collapsible Aluminum Tubes for Montebello Packaging in whole of Asia. The tubes are of Pharma Grade i.e US FDA approved, holding a DMF number and are available in many different sizes ranging from min ½” to max. 2”dia. The tubes meet all necessary Standards required as per regulatory norms.


Another important component of the tube is its closure to ensure safety of the drug. As the tubes are available in varied size it can meet the exact requirement for various industries.


Benefits of Aluminum Tubes:-

• Light Weight – Reduces transportation handling cost.
• Customized – Can be manufactured as per Client’s requirement.
• 0% Suck Back – Unwanted dispensed amount cannot be sucked back, so no contamination.
• Recyclable – 100% recyclable.
• Hygienic – Odorless & non-absorbent.
• Dispensing Options – Varied neck options available.
• Leak Proof – Proper closure ensures no leakage.
• Closure Options – Numerous caps.


Collapsible Tubes are Used in Various Industries:-

• Adhesives
• Pharmaceutical Creams
• Ointments
• Food Product Packaging
• Lubricants
• Cosmetics
• Toiletry
• Veterinary Creams

Collapsible Tubes

Suppliers of Collapsible Tubes

March 21, 2015

We at Sorbead India strive hard to meet the ever increasing demand of the market never compromising on the quality standards yet make it more attractive and eye pleasing. We are the stock point of Montebello Packaging in whole Asia and offers US FDA approved Collapsible Tubes.

Now a day’s collapsible tube have gained huge demand in Cosmetic as well as Pharmaceutical Industry. The tubes are DMF registered.

Our product Aluminum and Laminate tubes are consumed by many well know Pharma companies and till date have never come across any issues. The tubes are made from High quality raw materials.

Sorbead India is the name that you can rely upon as far as acquiring high end FDA approved products. The high quality collapsible tubes offered by the company are always in demand and several suppliers consistently purchase them to make their work simpler.

Various companies opt for customized tubes that are specifically created as per their needs. Such tubes are highly durable in nature as they can easily withstand a lot of pressure and also keep the drug safe even when the weather conditions are unfavorable.

Dia Available:-

½” – 12.7 mm
¾” – 19mm
7/8” – 22mm
1” – 25mm
1 7/64” – 28mm
1 3/16” – 30mm
1 11/32” – 34mm
1 ½” – 38mm
2” – 49.5 mm

The length available is from minimum 51 mm to max 178mm .

Neck available are also – Nasal, Extended Nozzle Tip.

Uses of Collapsible Tubes:

• Pharmaceutical Industries
• Toiletry
• Cosmetics
• Food Product Packaging


• 100% Product Protection.
• User Friendly
• Hygienic
• Elegant & Attractive
• Leak Proof
• Wide Range of Closures
• Neck and Tip Dispensing options

Pharmaceutical Packaging Tubes

Collapsible tubes – The best option for packaging semi solid products

August 28, 2014

Storing and packaging of the manufactured products in the industrial sector plays a very crucial role. No matter what type of products is being manufactured, if the packaging process is not ensured, it will end up being a tough time for the manufacturers. It is essential in all industries especially in food and pharmaceutical industry where the products are directly used by the customers. The key challenge is to maintain the quality and features of the products intact inside the package. And in order to serve this purpose a special packaging tube is used.

These tubes are mainly made of aluminum and are presently used in numbers of different sectors. One of the key features of these tubes is the ability to uphold the product’s own characteristics. Aluminum tubes are available in different sizes and shapes and can be colored as per the requirements. These tubes are mostly used to store semi solid ingredients like gel, paste, cream, lotion etc. which makes these tubes a preferable choice for the cosmetic, skin care and hair care industry and also in pharmaceutical industry. These tubes are flexible to a large extent and can store ingredients for many days and even for years in some cases. It protects the inside ingredient from all kinds of outside weather effects like heat, cold, moisture etc.

Aluminum tubes that are also known as collapsible tube are used in many industries that include Pharmaceutical industry- storing and packaging of various creams, gels, paste that requires maintaining their characteristics for long period of time are done with these tubes. It ensures the safety of the inside products.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Tubes

Toiletry and cosmetic industry- toothpaste, hair gel, shampoo, hair oil all are stored in aluminum tubes.
Food packaging industry- These tubes are used for the packaging of various foods which are mostly available in semi liquid form like cream, jelly etc.

And there are lots of other products that may not fall in these categories but stored or packaged in collapsible tubes.

There are a number of advantages of these tubes like these are damage proof and for one time use only. They cannot be used further or refilled. The inside contents are protected from all kinds of weather effects and pollutions. These tubes are non-toxic and hygienic. They don’t hamper the inside ingredient or cause any chemical reaction with the ingredients. The taste, color, odor and the quality of the contents remain completely intact. They are easy to handle and maintain which makes these a cost-effective option for packaging.

caps and closures

Another important part of these tubes is the caps and closures. Different types of caps are available akin to Fez, Grease, Mushroom, Nasal, Ophthalmic, Small flip top, Pedestal stand up etc.