Aluminum Tubes

Aluminum tubes are designed from highly pure aluminum metal. We offer these Aluminum Tubes with custom designed and diameters.
Internal coat or lacquer of aluminum tubes is non-reactive. Hence many compounds or products can be filled inside these tubes. These tubes with external coat of crude white color shall be made available in various length, diameters, graphics and colors for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic products packaging.
Sorbead India is the dealing for this product since twenty years. It is known for its best quality aluminum tubes which are available in all sizes. These tubes are made as per the orders from the clients and customized product shall be made available. Clients get the facility to choose the dimension, design as well as the cap style as per their requirements. We take orders for R & D batches as well as in bulk. Apart from its properties there are many other reasons for which aluminum tubes are more preferred than any other metal. It is so because of its property of ductility that it can be easily molded and shaped. We use the best technique to make these tubes; it is not only accurate as per the requirements but also of the best quality.
These tubes are made from 99.70% aluminum. It is a Type III packaging material used to pack semi solid dosage forms like: creams, lotions, gels, jellies, ointments, etc. These aluminum tubes are USFDA approved. These shall be made available in after complete testing in compliance to USP 661 and 21 CFR 175.300.
Advantages of using Aluminum Tubes:
  • The aluminum metal tube is permitting controlled amounts to bedistributed easily, with good re-closure and passable environmental protection to the product.
  • The risk of pollution of the portion remaining in the tube is minimal, because the tube does not “suck back”.
  • It is light in weight and strong.
  • Protect your brand with Aluminum
  • Coatings keep products fresh and longer
  • Neck and tip dispensing options
  • Unlimited Graphics increase shelf impact
  • Tamper resistant features and options
  • Internal coatings and liners
  • Cap choices and custom design
  • Crimp sealants
  • Cap resins
Criteria to be considered while selecting the type of tube and its dimension:
  • The Product to be packed
  • Capacity , i.e. quantity of product to be packed
  • Diameter of the tube
  • Length of the tube
  • Opening: whether Blind or Punctured.
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