Pharma Packaging Tubes

Aluminum Tubes for Gel Packaging

Packaging of the finished products in an industrial sector plays a very crucial role. If the packaging process is not ensured properly, the manufactures will have a very tough time.

Sorbead India is a very renowned name in offering the Aluminum tubes for Pharmaceutical packaging. Sorbead India is an authorized distributor for Montebello Packaging in whole of Asia. Montebello Packaging is over 50 year old company in Canada and the tubes are US FDA approved and holds a DMF number.

The Aluminum tubes are vastly used in pharmaceutical industry for packaging of GELS, ointments, creams and other semi-solids. The tubes are reliable and protective. They offer absolute protection from light, air and water. The tubes can hold volumes of 2ml Upto 250ml.

The tubes are cylindrical and are of custom made design. They are non-toxic and safe. It has superb sealing property and is also unbreakable and light weight. The remarkable feature about these tubes is that it is recyclable making it the best environment friendly packaging material available.

Aluminum Tubes for Gel PackagingThe Pharmaceutical tubes are made from 99.7 % pure Aluminum Slugs. The tubes allow controlled amount to be dispensed without Suck back tendency so the risk of contamination is minimal.

Pharmaceutical Products Used With These Tube Applications are:

• Gels for Eyes and Skin
• Lotions
• Cosmetic Products

Products Used for Toiletries are:

• Shaving Cream
• Cold Cream
• Hair Dyes / Hair Color

The Aluminum Collapsible tubes are also used in many other products like paint inks, color paints etc. The main advantage of using Aluminum tubes for packaging purpose is that the product will be protected in every aspect.

One of the most interesting key factor about these tubes is that it is a 100% Customized product and any dia and length can be manufactured as per your requirement varying from min. 12.7mm dia Upto 2” dia and height from min 51mm to 230mm along with varied Cap options.