Aluminum Tube

Why only Laminated Tubes are preferred for Pharmaceutical packaging

Now a days many of the products comes packed in laminated tubes whether it is for pharmaceutical or for casual purpose. The best example we can see of tooth pastes. Mostly those products are packed in these tubes which are in semi-liquid form. The advantage of using these tubes is that we may use the product as much as required and then the rest of it can be preserved in the tube. Thus, it increases the shelf life of the product. Laminated tubes prove to be a blessing to the pharmaceutical industry. Mostly pharmaceutical products react with the environment very quickly, so it is important to preserve them with precaution. Some times for extra protection and coverage many companies also produces multi layer tubes.

The laminated tubes not only act as a barrier and protect the products against environmental reaction but also give the products a marketing edge. The company may add their logo with product name and details on it. It is very easy to add with variety on graphics on it. These tubes gives a combined advantage one that they although looks and feels like plastic but gives the advantage of aluminum tube. There are various manufacturers across the country who own huge machinery to design these laminated tubes of different size according to the purpose. Laminated tubes for pharmaceutical products prevent virtual transfer of light and thus maintain the originality of the product.

It depends on the company that they many customize the design and choose the appropriate cap style. Storing the product in laminated tubes can protect its flavor and fragrance the surface area for absorption is reduced. There are varieties of lamination options available like opaque and transparent, one which easily retains shape and form and highly resistant barrier with chemical properties. The process of making these tubes involves the following steps. The required things are printed on the finest quality plate. The printed plates are cut and given the shape of tube of required size, forming a sleeve. It is then sealed pack from one side and then finally the product is stuffed in and sealed pack from all sides for supply. All this things happens in an integrated system where the entire package is assembled and supplied in a line.